Attention Great Team Leaders: Who is Producing Results on your Team and How Can You Recognize Them?

Right-On Ways to Invest in Your Team To Build Loyalty and Better Work Output

Employee engagement is key to success for your department, projects and company. As a manager, you will make your own life easier if the people who are delivering results on your team are satisfied with their work and role on your team by virtue of growth and recognition.

The number one, two and three big drivers for employees that I interview as an I.T. recruiter are:

  1. Growth in their role; not necessarily into management but the opportunity to take on additional responsibility, push their skills and capabilities.
  2. Training/Learning/Skills-development; gone are the days of “picking ’em up and settin’ em down”. No one likes repetitive, rote work day in and day out. The best and brightest want to stretch their skills by learning and applying new skills.
  3. Cohesive Team Collaboration; is everyone in the right seats, moving in the correct direction? Are there any cogs in the wheel? What can you do to promote better interactions, create an environment of collaboration?

As a manager, if you are too busy doing more with less, you will lighten your load by keeping your eyes wide open for opportunities to recognize, incentivize and motivateyour team for better work output. Here are practical ways you can do that starting today, and based on my interviews with top talent over the past nineteen years:

  1. Recognize and develop each team-member’s strengths. Can you articulate the strengths of every member on your team? You should be able to. Once you discover who is best at what, how can you develop that? Have them mentor or become a mentor for others? Discuss career-path opportunities and set up reasonable, agreed-upon goals for career advancement and additional responsibilities. Recognize everyone publicly for their strengths and contributions. Just a simple, “great work on this” goes a long way.
  2. Incentivize based on what matters most to that person. You would be surprised what ignites your team’s spirit. And a good manager knows what is important to people on their team and what is going on in their lives. For a job well-done, purchase lifestyle gift certs such as concert tickets, yoga studio membership, spa day, homemade certificates good for three hours off on a Friday afternoon. The biggees if you have a budget are company-paid training for relevant skills, stock options, etc. It is most important to tailor the incentive based on the person’s lifestyle and motivations. Like a birthday present, right?
  3. Clear the Cogs in the wheel. Are there irrelevant, out-dated processes that don’t add value in your workflows? Get rid of them. Are there people on the team that are habitually late, out frequently and/or don’t pull their load? Get rid of them. There is NOTHING that de-motivates a team more than a manager that doesn’t take care of business. If any of the above-listed exists on your team, your best employees are biding their time waiting for something better to come along. If you need more inspiration, just visualize how people you are managing, (they look up to you to provide leadership) view your skills. Ughhh.

These practical steps can move you closer to successfully achieving more with less, honing your own leadership skills, reaching your personal career goals by virtue of an actively engaged, satisfied team.

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