Design for Retention

Design for Retention- Easy, Practical Fundamentals on Keeping Great People and How to Influence Managers to Act

You’re charged with delivering quality products and services and you need great people on board to make it happen. Hiring great people who fit is only part of the challenge. Once you have hired, it’s imperative to provide a culture and environment where the best and brightest will thrive.

Contrary to popular opinion, the best and brightest don’t always opt for the company that provides beer served in the lunchroom, onsite haircuts and personal trainers. The best and brightest do want to work for knowledgeable managers that hire collaborative people and work on relevant projects with relevant technology or tools available, and always, the opportunity to learn.

Once you hire encourage your leadership team to follow the fundamentals listed below to make sure your teams are thriving and satisfied:

  1. Care: about personal and professional interests of your team; be aware of what is going on in their lives. Be sensitive to things going on outside of work that might require a lighter load, schedule changes or support.
  2. Articulate a Growth Trajectory: “I really see you leveraging your skills in—-, would you be interested in talking about growth in this area?” Open the dialogue once a quarter to calibrate with your team. Save yourself the trouble of having to backfill someone who leaves and takes all the domain knowledge with them and backfill someone’s position who is promoted!
  3. Take the Team out to Celebrate Once in Awhile: Arrange a team lunch, allow people to mingle and enjoy time out of the office together. You can foster greater teamwork. Not condoning drinks or beers after work, this can be a lunch.

How to Influence your Leadership Staff to Act and Retain Good Teams:

  1. Show the Value in Applying Retention Strategies; if the team lost a key player, what would that look like? If that key role went vacant for four months, would that cause burnout for the manager or other team members? Would it cause uneasiness on the team? How much momentum or new product development be impacted? Certainly not building forward momentum.
  2. Provide the Tools that are Quick and Easy; Every manager is doing more with less. A manager has every intention to make sure that their staff is happy but at the end of a hectic day, employee engagement may be the task that continually gets placed on tomorrow’s to-do list. Consider creating a checklist of touch-base related questions managers can use to engage employees. Create an “idea generator” to develop a repeatable method of checking in and staying close to team members. Assign senior managers to junior managers to mentor on employee retention best practices.

Hope that this provides value in retaining productive teams! If you happen to let this slip and need recruitment services, let me know!!