EMR Implementation Specialist

Interested in helping the community by optimizing patient care services? Our client, serving the under served in the Sacramento area for nearly 30 years is hiring an EMR Implementation Specialist.

In continuous improvement environment, EMR Implementation Specialist is responsible for the successful adoption of EPIC application modules and the optimization of user engagement. EMR Implementation Specialist will provide system maintenance, configuration, testing and training to enhance system design modifications, clinical workflow engagement, and strengthen user acceptance of features and functionality of the EHR software.

Full Time Direct Hire

Core Duties

• Analyzes and interprets patient, clinical, provider, or information systems data to improve and drive clinical and provider workflow enhancements and optimization of patient care services.

• Provides knowledge of healthcare operational practices and principles as it relates to the toolidge of the EHR system.

• Leads clinical workgroups and teams to optimize the staffs’ use of the EHR application, implementation of new systems and functionality, workflow optimization, and use of data and reports for quality improvement.

• Review and manage staff competency and efficiency of use of new modules of care, features and functionality across all care programs using reporting work bench and requested data analytics.

• Coordinate user training and ongoing support for the day-to-day operations, weekly floor support and to ensure overall optimization of EPIC features and functionality.

• Reviews EHR release notices for relevance and disseminates educational flyers/materials to appropriate leadership to disseminate. Demonstrate and train super users and clinical leadership on new care modules.

• Provides user acceptance testing (UAT) with OCHIN and facilitates testing of, upcoming changes to the Epic EHR.

• Uses OCHIN’s JIRA system and internal JIRA system to ensure clinical support is provided timely and tracked to resolution.

• Works with the data team to track various clinical metrics, including measuring the impact of, and compliance with, clinical changes implemented.

• Conducting technical training needs assessments, developing staff efficiencies and learned material/flyers and other resources for staff to increase optimization of the EPIC system.

• Conducts classroom training, administers tests, and develops and maintains training regimens for newly hired staff.

• Collaborates with the clinical providers, operational teams, Physician Champions to provide continuous process improvement and analyze workflows to assess end user knowledge and appropriate use of features and functionality of the EHR software.

• Maintains up-to-date expertise in the operation and application of Epic’s modules and a working knowledge of indicators, standards, and processes related to these systems.

• Collaborates with Epic vendor (OCHIN), attending collaborative monthly meetings, trainings, conferences and advisory workgroups to optimize use of the system.

• Basic familiarity with regulatory, legal and compliance issues in healthcare such as HIPAA, HRSA and FQHC requirements.

• Knowledge of information security principles, practices, technologies and strategies and other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience
• Two (2) years of technical training experience, or an equivalent combination of technical training and professional clinical experience required.
• Proficiency or certification in EPIC Ambulatory products and/or other EPIC products.

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