Hire Talent that Inherently Understands the Business Need-Ask These Five Questions in the Interview

We have all had someone on our teams that just loved new technology whether or not it really added value in the enterprise. Even I, from time to time get roped in to bright, shiny new trinkets, apps, training and webinars. Technology Marketers know that smart, ambitious people love to learn and seek out better, brighter solutions for their companies.

In order to have consistent, solutions-focused outcomes for your I.T. projects and deliver better business efficiencies in your enterprise, make sure and hire people that solve tough business problems with the correct technology solutions.

Here are the benefits to you when you hire people for your team that have an inherent understanding of the business and thinks about the business need and process first and foremost:

  • •  Less time is spent by your team going down the research “rabbit hole” reviewing irrelevant technology.
    •  The Team will be collectively heading in the right direction and need less leadership from you.
    •  The business side will be more satisfied with your I.T. projects.

When hiring, consider asking these questions in the interview to uncover whether the candidate will be swayed by shiny, new technology or whether they have the inherent ability to tie the best solutions to the business need:

  1. “What are your foundational drivers for technical activities in your role, ie: boss is not available and you are not sure what to work on, what type of projects do you default to?”
  2. “Tell me about a time when you were given free reign to research technology options for a project you were working on and you had very little framework; what was the initiative you were working on, where did you go for clarity, and what was the ultimate recommendation you provided”.
  3. “What technology innovations are you most excited about? How do they apply in your work environment?”
  4. “How much time to you spend on researching new advancements in technology? Where do you find your information?”
  5. “What is your opinion on certain technology stacks vs. others?”

Ask these questions when you are hiring new team members and you will learn at a deeper level, what drives your candidates. Hire the candidate that is driven to solve business problems via the appropriate technology.

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