HR Pros-Four Pillars to Stand Up the Framework to Hire Top Talent in 2017

New Year, fresh start! The business climate is competitive and if you are in HR, your company is depending on you to deliver top talent quickly for open positions.

The new year brings opportunities to freshen up your strategy, up your game and deliver even better results than last year. With the talent market continuing to tighten and technology interspersed throughout the entire hiring lifecycle, it is important to start with a solid framework for talent acquisition:

  1. Check Your Recruiting Toolkit-Does your company have a compelling social presence? Are you using the correct social media outlets to advertise your career opportunities? (not just job descriptions, boring!) Is it easy to apply? If it takes longer than three minutes to apply, you are missing the boat on the best and brightest because they are working now and can apply elsewhere. Are your internal employees incentivized to reach out to their networks with your career opportunities?
  2. Align with the Hiring Manager and Know the Details about the Career Opportunities You are Recruiting ForGo back to the Hiring Manager for more information if you are not able to articulate what the candidate will be doing for the first six to twelve months on the job:)
  3. Use Interview Questions that Get to the Heart of the Matter Once you have tackled Pillar Two listed above, you can use questions that will flesh out whether someone has actually performed in a similar role with similar pressures and environmental nuances. You will knock it out of the park when your Hiring Manager interviews the candidate and sees what a great fit you have found!
  4. Keep the Ball Moving Down the FieldSince I am a gear head and not a sports fan, I will switch to automotive analogies- If you have a stall in the interview process or manager-feedback loop, escalate it immediately. Top candidates that have moved from very-passively exploring new careers to actively interviewing will not be available long. Make an agreement with your Hiring Managers that they will respond within twenty four hours when you submit a candidate to them.
Here’s to a fantastic 2017! Avanti Recruitment Solutions is here for you if you have a tough position to fill- We will accelerate your success!