Keep your I.T. staff engaged and make your work life better

Lack of engagement is cited as one of the top reasons high performers leave positions within a year of starting. Here are some tips on easy ways to engage your I.T. staff. Top performers like to make an impact in a big way-Engage your top performers or up and comers in projects that will afford them recognition and impact the success of the company.

1. Assign work (carefully) that will allow top performers and up and comers to push their technical “envelope”. Stretch capabilities and let go a little bit and you may be really surprised.

2. Stay on top of what is important to your key players. Is a baby on the way? Need a little more work/life balance? Don’t make it all about work, be sensitive to your staff’s personal needs without getting in to their personal business.

3. Assign Mentors for junior staff. The Mentors will be motivated by the opportunity to step up, the juniors will love the opportunity to learn from an expert. Make sure you know how to identify someone with Mentor qualities as not everyone has them.

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