No-Fear Interviewing: 3 Tips

Know Something, Ask Something, Contribute Something

It’s a great time to be a job seeker in Sacramento!  Which on the one hand means you can be choosy, but on the other means you may have to go on a lot of interviews to find that perfect position.  Whether you are fresh out of college and looking for your first position, or looking to further your career by jumping back into the job search after a few years, everyone gets a little nervous about first impressions.  Here are three proactive ways to prepare for your interview so that you can walk with confidence:

Tip #1: Research the Company

This is a tried and true tip. But many people do not bother! Walking with confidence means knowing what you are walking into. Look at the company website, understand their mission, and you will already be doing better than average.  If possible, try looking up the manager that’s interviewing you on Linkedin as well and see if there is any common ground between you and them. That way, walking into a foreign building and then being interrogated by strangers transforms into a simple conversation with a peer.

Tip #2: Have a Few Questions, and a Few Suggestions

Now that you know the company and the people you will be speaking with, what are you wondering about? Is there anything in their methods, marketing, or website that you could improve for them on the job?

Side note: If you cannot find information relevant to the job you are applying for, take some time to think of your own processes and be prepared to explain them succinctly.

Tip #3: Practice your Elevator Pitch

Or rather, practice your elevator pitches. Most interview questions can be answered with a story. Even blah questions like “What is your greatest strength?” can become great lead-ins to showcase your hire-ability if you answer them by giving examples. As they say in show business, show, don’t tell!

If you are having trouble coming up with a few go-to stories that show your worth, try focusing on the goals or results you have achieved most recently. Keeping your answers concise, clear, and to the point is key, so if you have a little problem with tangents, try following the STAR Method.

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