America’s “Farm-to-Fork” Capital

Between 2014 and 2015, the most recent years for which census data is available, nearly 170,000 people moved to Sacramento, the majority of which (25 percent) were aged 25 to 34. In just five years, Sacramento’s population has grown by six percentage points.

So why are people choosing to call Sacramento home?
  1. Location – California’s capital has an understated and relaxed vibe.  Only a short drive from Lake Tahoe, San Francisco Bay Area, and Napa Valley,  you get the best of both city life and beautiful outdoor recreation.
  2. Cost of living – The median price for a home in Sacramento is around $300,000. Total cost of living is more than 20% lower than in the Bay Area.
  3. Weather – mild Springs, pool-worthy Summers, a sunny Fall, and cozy Winters. We are also known as the “City of Trees” and have a beautiful canopy of inner city trees that change with the seasons.
  4. Arts and Culture – We have regular weekend street festivals, bustling farmer’s markets, vibrant eateries, and award-winning craft breweries, coffee roasters, and wineries.  The city has everything from pop-up art exhibits and yoga in the park to vintage tot-sized amusement parks and a zoo! We also have a stunning venue for world-class sporting events and the biggest names in music.
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