Information Technology

avanti-recruitment-09In addition to the traditional I.T. positions, Avanti specializes in emerging technical areas such as Business Intelligence, data analytics, web services, cloud computing, etc. We not only promote the trends in these areas to help build a robust workforce for our region, but also network with talented candidates who are already involved in these areas.

Health Information Technology

vanti-recruitment-08.jpgWith Meaningful Use, health care reform and Health Information Exchange, there are phenomenal opportunities for technical talent that literally didn’t exist five years ago. Avanti has specialized in placing high impact clinical talent in technology roles for the past three years. This is a whole new way for people in health care to use their analytical and critical thought skills and make an impact on patient care through technology.

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General Positions

avanti-recruitment-11Because of our ability to map a person’s motivations and preferred work culture, Avanti has had a 90% retention rate for people placed over the past ten years. Companies frequently ask us to find and match talent in administrative, accounting and finance and operations positions. Although this is infrequent, we do have these opportunities from time to time.