What company culture is best for me?

If you want to love what you do and where you do it, it is important to focus on companies that provide the work environment, resources and leadership where you will thrive.

But how to know? And further, why spend time interviewing with companies where you won’t be a good fit?

Here are two simple, tips on how to know what company culture is best for your work style.

1. Review your resume.  What companies did you work the longest?  What was it you liked best about those jobs?  Manager?  The way work was done-ie: informal Agile?  Formal Agile?  Hands on management always there for you?  Hands off management that lets you do your thing?  Fast paced?

2. Document the culture traits that surely come up for your favorite jobs.  When you are checking out new opportunities, make sure and do your homework before investing any time.  Talk to people in your network who either work for or know people who work for your company of interest.  You can also check out profiles of people who work for companies you are interested in and see how they describe their role.  You will get clues from their profile: “Formal Agile”, “fast paced”, etc.

Good luck with this and if you need advice, give me a call!