Why Job Offers Should Be In Writing

Verbal Offers Don’t Feel Solid to Candidates

Yes, there are companies out there that offer positions verbally, relying on the outside recruiter or HR department to extend the details in an email, over the phone or in person. These companies tend to be very casual in terms of culture, which is an appealing culture for creative, innovative “builders” that like to exercise their best skills and make an impact on the overall success of the company.

Making a Verbal Offer is risky for the following reasons:

•  The candidate will not feel like the Offer is solid, other companies can come to the table with a formal, written Offer and the company with the verbal Offer may lose out.

•  The interpretation of the Offer and details can be misunderstood.

•  Because the details are not in writing, there is a lot of back and forth between the candidate and the company to sort the details out.

•  The lack of structure with this can leave a candidate feeling doubtful about the company.

•  It is legally risky to not have the details documented.

The market for top talent is too tight right now. Companies that are competing for the best people must use every option to make their career opportunities appealing, easy to apply for and competitive. It is easy to get HR expertise to draft a template Offer letter that can be modified to use for each position. Even the smallest of companies should use the Offer letter to hire the best people.

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