We understand the match between a candidate and a client company based on culture and fit.

"Avanti has been a trusted partner in the hiring process of each of our staff members. The association with Avanti’s professional staff have allowed CTN to concentrate on the elements of the hiring process that matter most to the bottom line. All of Avanti staff are exemplary in their attention to details and follow through skills. I know that CTN would not be where we are today without the assistance Avanti has provided in our various resource searches and hiring processes."

- COO California Telehealth Network

Our retention rate for people placed is in the 90th percentile, much higher than industry average.

“Satisfaction with the Avanti candidate? 100%! She is extremely well organized, reiable, efficient, team player, excels in communication, loyal, 'smart as a whip"...she is the BEST hire ever! Couldn't get better than her. Everything touches her desk first, so she is a big part of the company's growth. Everything was done well. Evelyn was quick to follow up, very clear on next steps, and I knew exactly what to expect, which is great."

- CEO Health I.T. Start-Up Company

We save time by prioritizing candidates for our clients so it is quicker to get to quality matches.

"Our candidate from Avanti was hired a year ago and has been the perfect fit . He brings lots of value, personally and his work. He has excellent interpersonal skills- especially for a technical person, ethics, knowledge, good solid experience, he is smart and a great person. He helped seal our biggest , largest customer yet, he helped position us most importantly, as the most important (element to our customer) Avanti's candidate just stood out, no way to compare, the others were qualified, but (the Avanti candidate) had the whole package."

- COO Fast-Growth Technology Company

The care and attention to detail that Avanti provides rivals an Executive Search model.

"Avanti had very good communication with us, sent us quality resumes, and provided a thorough summarization of strengths and areas of improvement for each candidate presented. This saves us a lot of time by allowing us to focus on other skills that were important to us. We are extremely pleased with our hire and feel fortunate to have her. She was able to come up to speed quickly and save us time. This is a hard to find kind of person."

- Director of Business and IT Services, Local Hospital

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Connecting Top Talent

90% of the candidates Avanti placed in the past 10 years are still working for the companies they were placed with.

Boutique Recruitment Services

We provide custom recruitment solutions at the same level as an Executive Search Firm.

Save Time, Faster Hiring

We provide a “short list” of only the Top Candidates for each position, cutting down on interviewing and screening time.